Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga is based on olden principles according to Hindu scriptures and teachings of the Holy Bhagavad Gita. Karma Yoga can be interpreted by westerners as the ‘discipline of action’. This yogic form is one of the four essential pathways of Yoga. Those practising Karma Yoga need to perform one’s duty without getting attached to the fruit or reward. Doing selfless activities and duties is the main lesson taught to karma yogis. It is a perfect yoga practise for those who desire to venture into spiritual path and ultimately seek union with divinity or God.

What do we mean by Right Action?
According to biblical teachings and Hindu scriptures one has to avoid speaking ill of others, maintain sexual fidelity and even keep away from entertaining harmful or lusty thoughts. People can achieve to do right action by living a disciplined life and by praying every day. Karma yogis aim to work in a selfless manner and they are usually non-judgemental in nature. They lead a simple and non-materialistic lifestyle.

How to be a Karma Yogi in our daily life?
It is actually very simple to practise Karma Yoga in our everyday lives. Conducting one’s rightful duty in a sincere manner without expecting any rewards is essential. A karma yoga follower also fixes his mind in spirituality and Godly thoughts to invoke blessings of the Holy Spirit. Simple living and high thinking helps to earn the grace of God. Such a person doesn’t lack for basic comforts in life, as God provides him with all the necessary things needed for spiritual development. He then becomes a true karma yogi who earns his place in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Hindu Interpretation to Karma Yoga
The ancient Hindu Holy book of Bhagavad Gita explains the importance of Karma and karmic cycles in human lives. Karma is the action we do and its subsequent reaction. The life of an individual is governed by his karmic cycle. In simple words our good thoughts, good actions and good words leads to a happy and wondrous life. While a person harbouring bad thoughts, bad actions and bad words face unhappy, insecure and difficult life. As every action (even thoughts) has an opposite reaction.

Being truthful and doing one’s duties
Doing Karma Yoga means performing duties without aiming for a reward. It is very difficult to maintain such a selfless attitude, as human beings are prone to hanker after the fruits of labour. In today’s world of hi-tech fast paced lifestyle most of us are stressed out, angry, aggressive and out rightly rude towards others. We are attached to material things and aim to become richer in worldly possessions and poorer in character.

No wonder, we are dealing with high stress, depression and illnesses. Youngsters are falling prey to harmful addictions such as alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes and drugs. Therefore, it is vital to follow Karma Yoga path to avoid such pitfalls and lead a happy content life. Human evolution and spiritual progress is dependent on the principles of Karmic law and strict adherence to it.