Objectives of World Yoga Day

Objectives of World Yoga Day

21st June of every year is declared as the World Yoga Day by the UN General Assembly on 11th December 2014. Yoga is regarded as an ancient practice of mental, spiritual and physical healing which was practiced in India for the last 5000 years. 21st June was chosen as the day for observance, since it is the longest day in the summer solstice and is believed to have significant effect on the bodies of the people living in the Northern Hemisphere.

The main objective behind this observation is to make this ancient practice popular among the present generation of people who are unaware of its benefits. Adopting this practice is believed to provide significant relief from physical ailments and mental tension which plagues our day to day life. A list of in depth objectives behind observing this day is listed below.

  • International Yoga Day aims to develop the habit of meditation among youngsters so that they can enjoy more peace of mind and self-awareness, which is essential for a stress-free existence.
  • Yoga helps to keep the internal organs in the body to function properly by increasing the oxygen and blood flow. Proper oxygen and blood supply to all the vital organs helps to diminish the occurrence of major diseases related to the heart, lungs, kidneys and other vital organs.
  • World Yoga Day aims to educate people about the various means of overcoming stress naturally without resorting to any artificial medicine.
  • Yoga practitioners believe that when a person connects with Mother Nature with both his mind and soul, he achieves a greater level of consciousness which helps him to be at peace with his surroundings. This level of consciousness would invariably lead to world peace as more and more people starts practicing Yoga.
  • Practicing yoga would lead to stronger bonds between people from different background, irrespective of caste, religion or language barriers. It would help to promote the feeling of communal harmony and create a conjugal atmosphere for global peace.
  • International Yoga Day aims to make the practice of yoga popular among people in different parts of the world, so that people are able to have a correct opinion about this form of well-being, which is not only easy to practice but is also extremely effective on a long term basis.

In short World Yoga Day aims to bring different communities around the globe together through the practice of yoga, so that they can eliminate all types of negativity from their lives and gain control over their emotions as well as health ailments which often acts as the major hindrance in our path of self-development.